Individual Book Pricing

9 on Book $13.00/per book
6 on Book $9.00/per book
“Special” Book $5.00/per book
Early Bird – (With Quickie) $4.00/per book
3 on Triple Sheet $1.00/per sheet
Progressive Games $1.00/per sheet
Jackpot Game $1.00
Lucky 7 $1.00/per square


House Rules

  1. South End reserves the right to refuse admission or ask a player to leave without a refund.
  2. No drugs, alcohol or weapons allowed on South End property
  3. Anyone damaging South End property will be prosecuted and banned from the property.
  4. All players must be at least 12 to play bingo, 18 to buy tips/pull tabs with a valid state issued id.
  5. All sales are final, no refunds, and no exceptions!
  6. All players must have an admission slip filled out with a receipt with the correct date.
  7. South End reserves the right to reduce game payouts based on register sales. If game payouts are reduced, the new payout will be announced by game start.
  8. Anyone arguing, fighting, or using profane language will be asked to leave. (see rule one)
  9. All instant winners from Tips and Pull Tabs (Instant Games) must be redeemed that night.
    Holders will be held for 30 days.
  10. All decision from bingo managers and team leaders will be final.
  11. Anyone playing tips or pull tabs must fill out an admission slip and have a valid state issued id.
  12. All bingo’s must be called loud enough for the caller to hear and must be on the last number called. Once the caller closes the current game, no more bingo’s will be paid out!
  13. If a W2-G is required for a payout, all information that is asked must be provided. TWO FORMS OF ID ARE REQUIRED (ONE WITH A SSN) IN ORDER TO RECEIVE ANY PAYMENT. (Any winnings over $1,200.00
  14. There will be no saving of seats allowed, if you come in early and put a dabber or paper out that does not save your seat. As the doors open it is first come first serve. South End personnel will not save seats or allow any player to save a seat. Also, there is no moving of tables, chairs and or trash cans
  15. Children are welcome to come but must remain quiet and in their seats. If you do not comply with this, you will be asked to leave without a refund.
  16. Last, but not least. Cell phones need to be on silent or vibrate during any and all bingo games. Please keep all talking to a low level. South End will not tolerate anyone disrespecting any member of South End or any other player.

As always, thank you for playing at South End, have fun and good luck!!!