South End Lifetime Membership is reserved for those members who have dedicated 20 years of active membership to the company or 10 years of service and have reached the age of 55. Lifetime membership entitles the individual to all benefits of active membership. We are forever grateful for their dedication to our organization and mission to helping the citizens of Winchester!

Chico Braithwaite
Earl Braithwaite
Wayne Braithwaite
Paul “Punchy” Bromley
Shirley Burks
Sonny Burks*
Frank Clem
Sandy Clem
Paul Clevenger
Richard Comer
Debbie Draper*
Dean Grubbs
Ed Keyser
Nancy Kirby
Jack Lake
Edwin Lillis JR
Edwin Lillis SR*
Elouise Madigan
Janie Moreland
William Moreland JR
William Moreland SR
Mary Peacoe*
Ted Schellhammer
Robert Scott
Diana Tumblin
Garrett Wymer
Tom Zirkle


Updated 11/12/2020